Sbode Bluetooth Sport earphones review

Sbode Bluetooth Sport earphones review

Earphones with over-ear supports

Online price $24.99

Sound Advice Headphones Product Points Review ™ By Don Lindich

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  • IPX7 wateproof, Siri activated Bluetooth earphones
  • Quoted 8-hour battery life
  • Side panel on right earphone body is a button with an easy, positive click, makes activating Siri very easy

  • Semi-hard case with a high quality zipper and a variety of eartips are included
  • 12 month warranty is better than many budget competitors, which can be as few as 30 days
  • Excellent sound quality, especially the midrange and treble
  • Bass is somewhat repressed unless you get a really tight fit with the earpiece
  • Extremely comfortable due to soft-touch material that covers the earhooks, which are firm yet flexible and have enough give that they never press anywhere in an uncomortable manner
  • Earphone body has enough weight and perfect balance to stay in place reliably

This is going to be a short review, because this is a simple product at a low price and does not need a lot of elaboration. The Sbode Bluetooth Sport earphones are excellent budget earphones that are comfortable, sound good, and have completely reliable operation. I don’t usually use earphones other than for review purposes as I much prefer over-ear headphones, even at the gym, but I liked these so much that they are now a permanent addition to my gym bag. For only $24.99, the Sbode Bluetooth Sport earphones are a no-brainer and a safe buy.